The Best Open Source Games

There are very few polished, highly enjoyable open source games. These are the best that I know about:

Warzone 2100

A futuristic RTS game. Originally a commercial game was made open source in 2004. Since then the developers have been regularly updating and improving the game . Very under-rated game at the time. Has some innovative ideas like designing your own units . Is a blast when playing multiplayer over a network


Faithful remake of the classic SNES Bomberman. The game is fast, slick and is one of the best 4-player games you can play.

Chaos Groove

Remake of the spectrum classic Chaos: Battle of the Wizards. It's a turn-based strategy game - very tactical, and very fun in multiplayer.

Ultrastar Deluxe

Get yourself a pair of singstar mics and croon away to your hearts delight and find out how terrible you are. Very fun game that anyone can have a go at.

Frets on Fire

Guitar Hero for PC, feels surprisingly natural with the keyboard controls. Very good game with plenty of tracks available on the interweb.


Tron like game. Good multiplayer. Simple to play - lightning reflexes are required.


very good interpretation of the ever-popular card game.great to practice on without losing money.


special mention to what looks like is going to be a fantastic RTS game in the mould of Age of Empires. 

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