My Nightmare with Virgin Media

I've been a customer with Virgin Media for over 10 years. I've never had broadband with anyone else.

Early 2013 I was contacted by a Virgin Engineer (Glen) who said that they had budget for cabling my area and asked if I was interested. He said they would have to lay about 8m of cable to connect me up. I said I was interested and not long after I received conifrmation by post. Then came the big day when they were due to install cable. The contractors turned up and declared that there was no cable to connect up. They would have known this already if they'd spoken to or read notes from Glen. This was to be the first of many miscommunications between Vigin contractors. They aborted the installation and never contacted me again.

2014 my internet connection is pretty slow and unreliable so I decided to have another go at getting cable. I called and enquired about getting cable. The sales person informed me that I could receive cable in my area. I mentioned what had happened before and requested that they send someone out to confirm that they connect me. I also stated that I work from home and do not what to be left without an internet connection. They said they understood.

So a few days later a guy turned up to assess what needed to be done. He saw that there wasn't a point installed and located the nearest green box to connect to. He said it would be quite a lot of work and made some notes on his PDA. Again I said I didn't want to be left without internet - he said he understood.

Come the day of the connection (19th March). My ADSL connection was turned off around 8am. The construction team arrived. They appeared to remove some tarmac and then put it back again. A little while later a bemused connection contractor turned up and there wasn't a cable for him to connect to. He was rightly annoyed as he'd travelled an hour from Bedford and said he was paid by the job. He phoned up a colleague and told me construction need to lay 20m of cable. He cursed his colleagues and went off on his way.

So I phoned up Virgin to find out what was happening. I spoke to Stuart Freeman in customer services. He made some calls and said it could take 6 weeks to get cable installed. I asked about reconnecting the adsl, he said they couldn't reconnect. I explained the importance and repeated the fact that I asked everyone to ensure this wouldn't happen. He said he'd call me back when he found out more.

I recalled a call later that morning from Stuart saying that he'd escalated the issue and would get back to me between 3-4pm. He never called back.

I tried again after 4pm and was told the issue had been escalated to James Brown (not that one) and Andy Walker (operations team manager). I was told I would hear back in 24 hours.

Being without internet for 2 straight days was costing me money so I called them again at 12pm weds. After being on hold again and again I was told that I would have to wait 6 weeks and they couldn't reconnect my adsl. I asked to speak to a manager and was refused. I asked to speak to the nationals team directly to get my adsl reconnected. I was given a number and called them.

The nationals team admitted that they should not have disconnected me without the cable being in place. But they said they couldn't reconnect me. I was dumbfounded by this, the telephone line is still there so if they could disconnect why couldn't they reconnect? The receptionist tried to put me through to someone who could explain but she said they all refused to talk to me. I enquired about a 3g dongle that I could use for the 6 weeks. The receptionist said John Anderson (national manager) would call me. He never did.

Later that day around 4pm I got a call from Virgin. They said they would give me £30 credit for a dongle, but cable installtion will definitely take 6 weeks. "Oh hang on a moment" they said. "We've checked and it would not be profitable to install cable at your address". I asked if they could do it on if I was on a more expensive package? They said even if I was paying £200 a month they wouldn't do it. So I have no choice but to go to another provider.

Virgin contractors failed to communicate effectively with each other as to what needed to be done and subsequently cocked-up my installation and existing connection. This is despite all the warnings and information that I had given them as to the prior aborted installation. To add insult to injury they said they would connect me in 6 weeks and then said they wouldn't 2 days later. They didn't call back when they said they would. The management refused to deal with me and instead hid behind the frontline staff. They've wasted my time, my telephone bill and negatively affected my business. I now have to wait another week before I can get BT installed.

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